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Random Neural Firings is a brain dump of sorts, with tidbits and pieces (some useful, some funny and some just because) of the content that make up my life.

When I worked in t.v., I used to joke that someday I’d own a production company called “Random Neural Firings,” or “RNF” for short. It seemed appropriate given how random the creative process can be sometimes, plus it suited my restless nature. My best friend has dubbed me a fountain of useless knowledge. My husband calls me Research Girl. And my son . . . well my son can’t talk yet but I’m eager to learn what he’ll call me.

So here I am, putting my RNFs out for the world to enjoy (or mock, if you prefer). This is stuff I’m interested in. The stuff people call me up and ask for help on. The random stuff I cram in my head just because it interests me at the time.

When I’m not wiping spit-up off my clothes, I run a marketing company, and spend time with my wonderful husband.  We married late in life (I was 41), had a baby at 43 (my first!), and like all new parents, wonder if we’ll ever get a full night’s sleep again.  I kissed a lot of frogs before I found my prince, but better late than never as the saying goes.

sherean –Sherean

What Type of Blog Is This?

I work in marketing so I know the value of creating a niche. I set out to write a mommy blog but there are thousands and frankly, most of them are better than mine! I mean, who are we kidding? I’ve only been a mom for a few months. I thought about writing a gift blog because people are often contacting me for gift advice. But again, there are people who do that way better than I could. Who has time to shop with a newborn?

So what I decided to do instead was write a blog about whatever happens to catch my eye at the time. Most of the women I know are famous multi-taskers so I figure most of you know what it’s like to flip from fashion to decorating to figuring out what to do for the kids’ birthday parties. And juggle work, and a marriage and a household, all while never missing an episode of American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance (thanks to the magic of DVR technology).

Welcome to my mommy, er, gift, er decorating, er pop culture blog. It’s random. I hope you’ll comment and enjoy!

One other note: we are currently not accepting advertising and do not do sponsored posts. EVERYTHING I review is something I’ve tried personally, know someone who has tried, or have thought about trying. (Meaning, it’s on my list of things to buy!) If I ever do a sponsored review, you will know it, and I’ll tell you exactly what I think of it.

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