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4th Birthday – Gymnastics Party (Wordless Wednesday)


gymnastics party ideas for a boy

As I mentioned before, it was NOT easy to find gymnastics-themed ideas for a boy. Our son loves his gymnastics class and wanted to have his party there. We did a dual party with a girlfriend of his who practically shares a birthday. We only had 15 minutes to set up the party room so I needed decorations with maximum impact, but that could be set up quickly.

Previously, I shared with you pics of what we ordered for decorations and favors. I thought you might like to see how it all turned out! The cake was made by Sweets to the Sweet here in Atlanta. How frickin’ cute is this cake???

gymnastics party cake

Sharing a GOLD MEDAL birthday kiss:


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Make a Marshmallow Wreath!


marshmallow wreath with cranberries

I don’t know what it is with me and wreaths but I started making them last year (see here, here and here) and when I saw this marshmallow wreath on Pinterest, I couldn’t resist making my own. (Note on the photos: these are all from my phone so no groovy blurry background, no awesome close-ups, just rough and raw pics!) It might have something to do with my need for projects I can start and actually finish and all my wreaths have been pretty quick. This one took about an hour – less time than it would take me to wash and blow my hair dry straight, so there’s that.

supplies for marshmallow wreath


  • Styrofoam wreath form (I got a big one and a small one for my son to make his own)
  • 3 bags of big marshmallows
  • 1 bag of miniature marshmallows
  • 1 bag of cranberries
  • 1 bag of gummy bears (for my son’s wreath)
  • Hundreds of toothpicks
  • Damp rag – marshmallows get sticky

I found it easier to stick the toothpick in the big marshmallows first, then jab them into the wreath form.

But with the smaller marshmallows and the cranberries, it is MUCH easier to stick the toothpicks in the wreath first, then plop the little accents on. My 4 year old had fun finding the toothpicks I’d stuck in random places and thread a baby marshmallow on.


Note: toothpicks break. They also hurt your thumb when you jab ’em in, so I used a rag over my finger to press them in. Some of the marshmallows have fallen off the bottom of my wreath (well, two and one cranberry) so I might have to patch it from time to time. I have read from many crafters that they KEEP their marshmallow wreaths from year to year and somehow, amazingly, they do not get bugs and still look great.

marshmallow wreath

I don’t believe them for a minute. This will be going in the trash. It just looks like a giant lure for ants to me.


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Airplane Birthday Party


I am so far behind on publishing these photos! We had my son’s 3 year old birthday party at a local private airport. They have a playground for kids and a “hangar” with picnic tables. I took some boxes I’d printed up for a client that look like suitcases and re-purposed them as favor boxes by covering up the client info with a “Hunter Airlines” label. Once again, I ordered a birthday banner with a photo from each month of the past year from Mary Had a Little Party on Etsy. This is my third year ordering banners from her and they are so cute! The cake came from a local baker who does AMAZING work. The airplane is actually edible – made out of molded chocolate! I bought this cute take-apart airplane toy and used it as a table decoration along with the favor boxes. I got super lucky and found this outfit by Le Top on sale online. There are plenty of airplane shirts out there; I just loved that I found one in the party colors (yes, I am that ridiculous).

Need more ideas for your own airplane party? Check out my Pinterest board just for planes. I made the boarding pass invitations and favor tags myself; email me if you want the art and I’ll send it to you. I stuffed the favor boxes with little foam airplane flyers and gave each kid Richard Scarry’s “Day at the Airport” book. I also made some paper airplanes from a template that’s in Microsoft Word and set those out with crayons but it was so windy that nobody could really do that. The kids just wanted to play on the playground and watch the planes. They were plenty entertained!



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Sweetheart Candy Wreath


I’ve gone Valentine’s Day mad. I’ve decided that it’s my favorite holiday (it’s all about LOVE, after all!) and I’m decorating the house like it’s a pink Christmas. So far, I’ve made the yarn wreath and this sweetheart wreath. I have a few other ideas up my (pink) sleeves so keep an eye out on the blog or Facebook page. If you want to get an idea what I’m up to, follow my DIY/craft board on Pinterest.

This is another embarrassingly easy craft. We got a tiny styrofoam wreath form at Michael’s and spray painted it red. I poured some glue onto a paper plate and let my 3 year old glue Sweetheart candy all over the front. While he napped, I glued them around the sides, which proved to be a bit tricky (some of them slid off). If you’re patient and don’t mind holding the slippery ones a few seconds, this will work fine. If you want them to stick the first time, use your glue gun.

That’s it! Tie a little ribbon and hang.

This post is part of the Works for Me Wednesday series. For more great tips, check out WeAreThatFamily.



I Did It Again


I liked the turquoise yarn wreath so much that I decided to make a pink one for Valentine’s Day. Same as before, only this time I used a green Styrofoam form; it wasn’t as messy as the one I used before which flaked off everywhere. Also the one I used before was straight around the outer edge; this one was round which made for a tighter yarn finish. I spray painted it pink first just in case there was some wreath showing after I wrapped it. And this time, I wrapped the yarn around TWICE which also gave it a more finished look. I found these ADORABLE felt flowers on Etsy – the petals are heart shapes – and glued them on with hot glue. I debated wrapping the whole thing with ribbon but texted my friend, Ally, who said she preferred it plain. I used six flowers and doubled them up.

I’m kind of loving it!








Recycle Your Baby’s Favorite Shirts into Awesome Wall Art




Y’all know about my Zutano obsession (if not, read here, here and here). As Hunter outgrew these cute clothes, I gave many beloved Zutano outfits to friends but held back a few that I just couldn’t part with for sentimental reasons. I have heard of some people turning their children’s clothing into a quilt but I can’t sew. I can, however, use a staple gun. I went and bought some small canvases at an art supply store, cut up my son’s shirts and pulled them around the back of the canvas and stapled them in place. And voila! Instant wall art.


  • 5″x5″ canvases (on sale for around $2.50/ea) – if your shirts are really small, you might need 4×4″ frames
  • staple gun with 1/4″ staples
  • beloved/favorite shirts
  • You could also do this with leggings/pants/dresses. I contemplated using a variety of shapes and sizes of canvases, which I think would be cute, too.

Cut out the cutest part of the pattern of the shirt. Hold it on the front of the canvas while you pull one side to the back. Staple in place. Move to the OPPOSITE side of the canvas and pull the fabric down. Take a look and make sure you have the fabric pattern situated the way you want (stripes might be crooked so now’s your chance to straighten them out). Staple. Then do the other sides, folding the corners back like you’re wrapping a present. There’s no great way to do the corners. I stapled and cut away some of the excess fabric so the canvases would hang flat.

Simple DIY Wall Art Using Outgrown Shirts     



It took about an hour to do six shirts. I love looking at my little memory wall. Each outfit reminds me of those early (hazy) days of parenthood.

This is part of the Works for Me Wednesday series, hosted by We Are THAT Family. Great tips there!


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