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Wise Words


My friend, Cara’s, Facebook post today:

“While wrangling my son to stand still in line at the store today, an older woman behind me said ‘You’re in the time of your life when a lot is asked of you and a lot is asked of him.’ So, so true. And yet, as parents, we often forget about the latter. A great reminder to be patient with our little ones even when they are not patient with us!”

Cara and her line-mate are right: we do ask a lot of our little ones. They are learning and growing and just as overwhelmed with everything at times as we are.

Funny Facebook Post


My friend, Cara, had a funny conversation with her 5-year old son that she posted on FB today:

Son: This is the grossest thing — two girls at school today were licking and kissing me!
Me: Did your teacher tell them to stop?
Son: No, she didn’t see them.
Me: Well, did you tell them to stop?
Son: Uh, no, because I liked it!

Wow. I’m looking into my future folks and it’s scary.

Funny Facebook Status Update


From my friend, Laura, who manages to be both sarcastic and sweet at the same time. Usually. 🙂

Some people see the glass half full. Others see it as half empty. I just drink the damn water and move on.

Funny Facebook Status Update – the Foreclosure Edition


From my rock star realtor friend, Stephen:

The other day I was showing property to a physician and his 6 year old daughter. We were looking mostly at foreclosures. Toward the end, the girl is talking with her mom on the phone. She tells her mom that we’ve been talking about four leaf clovers all day, but she hasn’t seen ANY yet. Ha!

Funny Facebook Status Update


Phil’s FB posts are always sassy, but if you met him in real life, you’d never believe he’s the same guy. He’s so quiet and sweet, but on FB, he lets it rip! Like this one:

On another note, why do people not understand that I’m still drinking on Sunday regardless of how much the Christian Coalition screams! Just let me buy my 40 at the QT on Sunday and get over it!

Funny Facebook Status Update


Phil bringing the raunchy fun again:

Who named Trojan condoms? The Trojan horse entered through the city gates, broke open and loads of little guys came out and messed with everyones day!

Funny Facebook Status Update


Here’s Brett, making me think:

I am ert, ept, and combobulated. Nothing, not even “in-” or “dis-” can stop me.

Funny Facebook Status Updates


Cara was sick as a dog a few weeks back and posted this. I think many of us can relate!

Spending Super Bowl Sunday with something that resembles the flu. Oh and hubby’s sick too. Two dysfunctional parents = less than stellar parenting. Kids have eaten cheerios for bkfast and lunch. I’m sensing a threepeat for dinner.

Funny Facebook Status Update


On Monday, my friend Phil wrote:

Can tomorrow be President’s Day too?

And a friend of his replied:

Yeah, I don’t want to receive junk mail tomorrow either.

Funny Facebook Update


My friend, Lauri, whose 5 year old son is WISE beyond his years:

Me:  I think it’s time for a haircut.

Son. : No, Mom. Absolutely not.

Me: Let’s just take a little off around your ears.

Son : No way. I want long sideburns just like Theodore Roosevelt!

Me: Ok, dude. You win.

Funny Facebook Update


My AZ buddy, Brian:

Spoiler alert! The last episode of lost will be titled, “Found.”

Funny Facebook Update


“URGENT! FACEBOOK VIRUS ALERT! An e-mail recently went out to women asking them to post the color of their BRA. THIS IS A VIRUS. To fix it, you must remove your bra, then go to > Settings > Enable Webcam > Record Movie. Please re-post to your status message.”

Funny Facebook Update


It’s “snowing” here in Atlanta so Phil posted:

I crossed a snowman with a vampire. I got frostbite.

Funny Facebook Status


My friend, Tommy (who seems to be going by “Thomas” these days, ahem):

Living vicariously through other people usually works for me….Sadly, eating vicariously via The Food Network…not so much.

Funny Facebook Status


Another classic from Tommy:

I get stressed out when people do their smilies like this (-: instead of this :-). Confused, party of one.

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