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The Old Spice Guy


That Old Spice Guy was on Ellen and I’m sorry, but he is just TOO funny and cute. I love the ads; one of the few TV commercials to break out of the clutter in recent history. Also one of the few spots that my hubby and I don’t fast forward through.

The Slap Chop – Top Ten Re-Post


Note: this was one of my first posts on the blog and it still cracks me up to watch this video. Since a lot of you are cooking today, I thought it might be appropriate. Think how much easier your life would be if only you had . . . the Slap Chop! 🙂

I was joking around about the Snuggie with a client the other day and he asked if we’d seen the Slap Chop. I had not, but give me 10 seconds and I’ll find it on the web, I told him. So here’s what I’ve learned. The Slap Chop will slap your troubles away. It will make you skinny. You can have chopped up ham, pickles and a boiled egg for an instant breakfast (yummy?). You can slap your nuts.

Just watch.

Speaking of the Snuggie . . . find out how you can host your own Snuggie pub crawl (seriously).

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