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Gifts for Grown Ups


One of my friends wrote and scolded me:  “Enough with the baby gifts already! I need a gift for a friend over 2′ tall.” All righty then, how about making them a customized Go Green set? Package up a reusable grocery tote or two with an aluminum water bottle. But not just any old tote and bottle, personalize them.

Start by hopping on over to Zazzle and browsing all the groovy products and unique designs. My friend, Kemba, has a beautiful shop there featuring international-flavored designs. Find a design you like, pick the bag style you want, and customize it by adding your gift recipient’s name or other text. You can change the font and color, move the design around, and really make it your own. Here I made a bag for Cara at repurposeful (great eco blogger) using Kemba’s Flourish design. Cost of the customized bag? A mere $10.55 for this style.


Then, check out Sigg’s custom water bottles ($27.99/ea). Sigg is the aluminum bottle you see the celebrities toting around. Much better for the environment than using plastic bottles. My hubby and I both have Siggs and love them. (We always think it’s so funny when we’re headed out the door and call out: “Did you remember your Sigg?”)

What I didn’t know when I bought ours was that I could have bought personalized versions with our names on it. They have about six customizable designs (and a whole lot more non-customizable ones). You can also create a custom skin for your bottle by uploading a favorite photo. I might do this to update my Sigg!


Pop the water bottle in the tote bag for instant “wrapping” and top it all off with a plantable card ($4.95 for the one shown below) from Botanical Paperworks. Yep, you heard me. You can plant these greeting cards in the ground and they will sprout flowers.

Now that’s a groovy green gift! Grown up enough for you, V? 🙂

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“Gifts for Grown Ups”

  1. On July 4th, 2009 at 8:56 pm Cara Says:

    I feel so loved! Thanks for the great gift ideas. Very eco-chic.

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