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Best Baby Shower Gift Ever



My best friend, Terri, saw that I’d bought these for my puddin’ pop and can’t stop talking about them. For those of you without kids, it’s not uncommon for parents to take a monthly birthday photo the first year of their child’s life. Often, parents will prop the baby up next to the same item each month to provide scale to show the baby’s growth.  (We use this HUMONGOUS teddy bear my Dad gave us.) Usually, they mark the age by scrawling on a piece of paper or chalkboard or similar marker and sticking that in the shot.

I was planning to do the same thing until I saw these onesies on Etsy and thought this was a much simpler and cuter solution. These are hand-made. You can buy a set of six or the full first year set. She sizes them appropriately so as you get into the higher months, the onesies are bigger sizes. I’d call these gender-neutral and a perfect baby shower gift.  I paired them with the Trumpettes dots socks, which match great!

Trust me, this is one gift that will make you the hit of the shower. If you’re competitive about these things.


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